Tips For Raising Online Charity Donations

Tips For Raising Online Charity Donations

Tips for raising online charity donations
Each year non-profit organizations donate charity online through websites. Many organizations have turned to online charity donation websites and portals to enable people to donate for the cause of their choice from the comfort of their home. Today, apart from money you can also donate a car, your personal effects, and jewelry. Some charities also organize events like concerts at the community or the district level to raise funds. They publicize the charity’s mission in order to collect funds from donors. These charities also carry out fund-raising drives using door-to-door campaigns and regular mail, requesting funds that could be sent back in a pre-addressed envelope.

This article gives you tips for raising donations through charity websites for charities with a small budget.

How to encourage people to donate on your charity website?

  • People will donate money only when they get in tune with your cause and understand what is it is that you are exactly doing.
  • Describe the charity’s cause on the website’s homepage. You need to understand the mind of the audience and connect with them.
  • Keep the description short, ideally, within a word count of 500 words.
  • Give more importance to the narrative arc of the description.
  • Chunk the description into small paragraphs to make it more readable.
  • Finally, direct your audience to the next stage and not leave them lost halfway through.

How to use social media vividly?

  • Charities and non-profit organization can make use of social media to create awareness and build support for their causes.
  • Creating social media communities can be important for building trust with the donors.
  • Building a community with your supporters is a requirement for them donating money. Whether you approach for the first time or have made earlier attempts, they will still give money only when they feel confident that you will keep their money safe.
  • Keep sharing public reviews for your organization on your online charity donations website as well as social media page.
  • Reduce the gap between the audience and the charity by using real photographs relating to the cause of the charity.
  • You can also use photographs of the people whose lives were changed with the help of the charity donations.

Where to use donation links?

  • It may sound obvious but some websites leave the donors confused by positioning the “donate” links in a place difficult to find.
  • Making the process easy and prominent persuades the audience to give money.
  • Use the “donate” links in the header of the page and repeatedly at relevant pages to make it easier to proceed further.
  • However, donors tend to give up halfway through if the whole set up seems confusing.
  • Also, make sure that prominent donate links are placed at the bottom, so it naturally leads to the next step after reading the content.

What are some other factors to consider when raising donations?

  • Give the audiences the choice of making a charity donation.
  • Make the donors aware of how they can also donate a car to charity. Be transparent about the percentage of the price of the car they can claim. Inform the donor if you are going to use the car for operations or the charity improvises to sell the car to a needy person below the market value.
  • Apart from car donations, equip the donors to offer donations in other forms apart from money like clothes, toys, books, etc. This raises the options people have to donate if they are not in a position to give money.
  • Update your donors about the difference their donations have made by sending them real pictures or thank you notes. This allows the donors to trust the organizations, suggest it to their friends and family, and also return to make donations again.

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