Things To Know Before Buying Electric Blankets

Things To Know Before Buying Electric Blankets

Things to know before buying electric blankets
With winter fast approaching, blankets are soon going to be an important part of your bedroom. After all, you have to fend off the cold and keep yourself and your loved ones warm. The question here is whether normal blankets are capable of delivering the right amount of heat. Maybe yes, and maybe no. However, there are many things that they cannot do for you, such as make your warm on demand, and that is where electric blankets come into the picture.

How are electric blankets any different from a normal blanket?
There are some things that a normal blanket cannot fulfill for you, such as those listed here:

  • You can customize the temperature. Gone are the days when you had to constantly pull your feet in and out just to get the right amount of heat.
  • With electric blankets, there is no way that winter chills are going to bother you and possibly make you fall sick.
  • Many such blankets have therapeutic effects on the body. This feature is great for people dealing with body pain.

What points should you consider before buying an electric blanket?
Caution is better than falling prey to any uncertain accidents. Good quality electric blankets should come with the following features:

  • They should be comfortable, practical, and should deliver complete value for money.
  • They should be made of skin-friendly material like fleece or polyester. This is because human skin, especially the skin of children, is very sensitive.
  • You should check the heat settings and the controller that the blanket comes along with.
  • If you can expand your budget a little bit, you may even purchase one that shows you the exact temperature.
  • The blanket should be big enough to cover your bed and fall over the sides.
  • The wiring should be rightly fibred, and it should not be positioned in such a manner that it is exposed.
  • You should also check the warranty period.
  • You should see to it that the blanket is washable without a possibility of damage.

Which are some of the best electric blankets to buy in 2018?

  • Some of the brands to buy the best electric blankets by are Sunbeam®, SoftHeat®, and Beautyrest.
  • Try the Microplush Heated Blanket from Sunbeam®for a luxurious and comfortable good night’s sleep cocooned in warmth. It can fit a king, queen twin, and full-size bed. It also has a warranty of five years, so it will serve you longer.
  • Alternatively, you could try the Comfort Knit Heated Blanket by Biddeford Blankets®. It has 10 heat settings and is machine washable. It has a warranty of five years and weighs only 6.4 pounds, so it is not too heavy to sleep with.
  • Try the Heated Ogee Oversized Throw by Beautyrest. It has a low heat setting of three options and is machine washable. It has a warranty of five years and weighs 5.45 pounds. This is a lightweight option in case you do not like to sleep with heavy blankets.
  • You can even opt for the Luxury Micro Fleece Low-Voltage Heated Blanket by SoftHeat®. It has 10 heat settings, an auto-off feature, and is machine washable. This has a warranty of 5 years and weighs 8.9 pounds. Therefore, if you wish to have a cozy and restful sleep protected from the cold, opt for this blanket.

Will electric blankets increase your power bill as they keep you warm?
Before you settle on the idea of buying an electric blanket, you may want to consider the following points. It should be mentioned that, overall, these blankets do not increase your power bill.

  • They efficiently circulate warmth at all the positions of your bed.
  • They are cost-effective.
  • They conveniently convert high voltage into low voltage.
  • They are cheaper than the expensive room heaters.
  • They can provide the much-needed heat in emergency situations within seconds, like in freezing circumstances.

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