The Best Ways To Deep Clean The Windows At Home

The Best Ways To Deep Clean The Windows At Home

The best ways to deep clean the windows at home?
Windows are an important part of the home and dirty windows can even make the neatest house look unkempt. People usually require deep window cleaning services before moving into a rented space or if they haven’t cleaned their house’s windows for a long time. As deep cleaning big windows is difficult and involves a lot of time and effort, many count on professional deep cleaning services. However, if you prefer deep cleaning the windows on your own at home, read on to find some helpful information on the same.

How is deep window cleaning different from regular cleaning?

  • Regular cleaning is what you do every day or weekly to maintain cleanliness
  • On the other hand, deep cleaning is an activity on a larger scale to make the windows installed look brand new again and get rid of all the residue grime and dust.
  • It removes intense stains and grease and makes windows stay clean for a longer period of time than regular dusting.

What does a professional deep clean window process involve?
To be able to imitate the services of a professional window cleaner and get the job done right, you need to know what the steps are:

  • Glass Scrubbing – The first step is usually started with scrubbing the glass using professional grade steel wool that clears the long-standing dirt and grease. To get rid of the hard water stains, a non-acid stain remover is used that gently removes stains. The products used are easy on the glass and speed up the cleaning and glass restoration process. A thorough cleaning is then carried out using another professional grade cleaning solution, a strip washer, and a specialist scrubber follow the scrubbing. The cleaning solution used contains no hazardous chemicals, ammonia, or phosphates. The strip washer is a specialized formula that gives windows a thorough cleaning.
  • Scraping – Paint splashes on window glass are hard to remove. Professional cleaners use a special scraper tool to scrape off those rigid paint marks. After the first step involving scrubbing, the paint marks soften and offer an easy removal. To ensure the safety of the glass from scratches, they never scrape the glass dry.
  • Frame Cleaning – The framework surrounding the window glass becomes dirty due to dirt and dust buildup and spider webs. While deep cleaning the windows, professionals give the window frames a nice scrub as well. Be it a wooden, aluminum, or fiberglass frame, it requires as much care as the window glass does. Therefore, they use non-scratch scrubbers and cleaners.
  • Final Cleanse – All the water, soap, and dirt is wiped off to get a clean and shining window glass.

How can you clean the windows like a pro?
Following are some steps for window cleaning like a pro at home –

  • Wash the window with a strip applicator
  • Wipe clean with a squeegee
  • Dry off remaining drips with a microfiber rag
  • Scrub the panes to get rid of stubborn spots using a mild yet effective cleaning solution

What are the common window cleaning mistakes to avoid?
The following are the common window cleaning mistakes that you must avoid –

  • Not having the ideal tools – Don’t use a newspaper, soap or harsh detergents in place of a mop, squeegee, scraper, sponge, and a soft cleanser.
  • Cleaning the wrong way – Do not simply clean the windows but clean them the right way. You can browse numerous articles on the internet that instruct on the correct way of cleaning windows.
  • Washing just one window side – Many people prefer washing just the outer side of the window.
  • Using a wrong cloth – You should only use a soft microfiber cloth.

What are some effective homemade window cleaner solutions?
You can depend on these following homemade window cleaner solutions to make window cleaning rewarding –

  • Streak-free window cleaner – Mix white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, water, cornstarch, and a few drops of lemon oil in a spray bottle.
  • Lemon Juice Window Cleaner – This simple yet effective cleaner requires mixing lemon juice in warm water.
  • Ammonia and Cornstarch Window Cleaner – Mix both the ingredients in warm water and use for cleaning.
  • Rubbing Alcohol Window Cleaner – This involves adding rubbing alcohol and vinegar to a bottle filled with distilled water. Shake the bottle and then use it to clean the windows to perfection.

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