Free Responsive Business Email For Marketing

Free Responsive Business Email For Marketing

Free responsive business email for marketing
Businesses are all about marketing and reaching out to clients and customers. With the advent of online business owners, the techniques and skills of marketing are fast changing. Some of the common ways of marketing are blog marketing, search marketing, paid advertising, and email marketing.

The form of selling and promoting through emails is catching up. One of the best ways of getting maximum traction is to have responsive email marketing templates to reflect your business ideas in a better form. Email templates are the norm today in any corporate. Designers and developers make the code for these templates, which are used by the marketing team to send to clients and prospective customers. These templates are always tested in advance so that there are no problems later that could lead to disastrous effects for the marketing people. It is a good idea to run the campaign through the Litmus Checklist so that you know that the email works well in more than 50 different email clients. Also, do a spam filter test in case any content tweaks are needed. Let’s get a deeper and better understanding of free responsive business email templates and how they help marketers.

What are responsive emails?

  • Responsive web design was coined by Ethan Marcotte.
  • It means creating websites so that they are usable through any device.
  • This approach has been used for HTML email a lot.

What are email templates?

  • Email templates are reusable HTML files made for email campaigns.
  • It is a collection of code to make new campaigns that use an HTML file.
  • HTML or hypertext markup language defines the content and structure of an email campaign.
  • It lets users add images and email links as well as cascading style sheets to improve the company’s personal styles.
  • The distinct feature of a template is that it can be reused and built to make many new campaigns.
  • These templates are saved in email service provider (ESP) or a Litmus Builder.
  • It gives a base to add images and links specific to that campaign.

What are the advantages of using email templates?
Email templates can be of great use:

  • They allow you to make campaigns much faster because the underlying code is already there.
  • You do not have to rewrite the email from the beginning. All you need to do is add copy, links, and images to the already existing template before you send it out.
  • This helps in concentrating on creating improved copy and content for the email campaigns.
  • Templates bring consistency to email formatting. If you have to rewrite the code every time, there are chances of variations and mistakes that could cause broken emails.

Which are the good free email templates?
There are many already formatted and designed email templates that you can use. They are free of cost and make life much easier for marketers. Some of the best email templates are these:

  • Cerberus: This small framework library has some great HTML email patterns that can be threaded together to create some amazing email browsing experiences. It uses HTML and encourages users to make tweaks based on their requirement.
  • Litmus: It has five templates, including a template for announcing new products, a newsletter template, an announcement template for sending out brief messages, and a stationery template.
  • Email on Acid: It has one free email template that is available in different layouts. It can be activated based on the screen size of the device used to read the email.
  • Copernica: This Dutch email marketing company has 5 free email templates. They are smart and crisp. You can simply use them as is or tweak them a little to add a personal touch to the email format.
  • Sendwithus Open Source Email Templates: It is a collection of free email templates that have been created by the Sendwithus community. They are easy to use and imbibe. You can add in new themes or make updates to the existing ones as per your requirements.
  • Mailchimp® email blueprints: It is a collection of email templates that offer a great foundation for designing emails. It has 6 free templates. It also includes template language elements so that templates can be customized when they are imported into a MailChimp account.

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