Backyard Discovery Outdoor Playsets

Backyard Discovery Outdoor Playsets

Backyard Discovery outdoor playsets
For many years, Backyard Discovery has had the monopoly in building outdoor playsets for small kids and children. These include swings, slides, teepees, and other leisure and entertainment sets. Manufacturing a million sets or so of outdoor playsets every year, they also additionally work on the home, leisure, and garden collections in the product line up as well. These include pergolas, ponds, walls, wooden accessories, etc.

They have been in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years now. They make the best quality wooden swing sets, houses for playing, backyard setups, home products, and garden luxuries. Backyard Discovery outdoor playsets have an innovative team that is passionate and is made of specialists to bring quality family backyard products. They have expert craftspeople working on the products for millions of their customers. They strive really hard to make quality products that are meant for both flexing the muscles and relaxing the mind.

How was Backyard Discover established?

  • Backyard Discover is a pet parent company headquartered in Streetsboro.
  • They have distribution centers all across North America.
  • They have 300 employees with them.
  • Backyard Discovery was established in 1988.

Who are their sellers or vendors?

  • Sam’s club deals with Backyard Discovery playsets.
  • Amazon is a seller of the Backyard Discovery playsets.
  • Lowe’s is one of the vendors dealing in the playsets manufactured by Backyard Discovery.
  • BJ’s is also a vendor for Backyard Discovery.
  • Costco Wholesale deals in the playsets manufactured by Backyard Discovery.
  • The Home Depot deals in the playsets manufactured by Backyard Discovery.
  • Wayfair is also a dealer of the playsets manufactured by Backyard Discovery.
  • can be surfed to purchase the playsets of Backyard Discovery.

What are their outdoor swing playsets?

  • Skyfort II wooden swing set is one of their outdoor swing playsets priced at $1599.
  • This swing set is a perfect backyard playset that can elevate children’s mind and imagination.
  • This is perfect during parties, be it a sun poached party or a barbeque party, etc. The children can use their own imagination and make a home for themselves and their pet babies. They can run around it and try sleepovers with friends here.
  • It’s safe and fun simultaneously, with two monkey bar swings and attached to the house.
  • It includes a 10 – foot wave slide that takes your kids right back down.
  • It is safe for pets and children.
  • A challenging rock wall is inbuilt to let the children climb and give their knees some exercise.

What are the house models they build for kids?

  • Their Woodridge elite wooden swing set is priced at $1599.
  • Install the Woodridge elite wooden swing set for your children to make them happier than ever.
  • It is totally decked up, with a sprawling upper body and amazing lower home feel.
  • There is a huge block that gives room for playing as a raised clubhouse.
  • Kids can play cards, make sandboxes, have the sun porch opened, and they also have an upper tunnel.
  • There is a step ladder and a rock wall ladder that is 5 feet in height and a 10 feet wave slide.
  • There is a bench built in the house and a trapeze structure, where you can put mats and sleep.
  • A covered porch is available, with a wooden roof that is also panelized.
  • It also comes with a crow’s nest and a tunnel that is elevated slightly.
  • It accommodates almost 9 to 10 children.

Are there wooden streams for small backyards?

  • Of course, there are wooden streams for small backyards.
  • The Atlantis wooden swing set is available for only $799.
  • This is one of the outdoor playsets that fits small backyards and has all the features that a big wooden ridge swing set could have. This has an upper clubhouse and a sunny side porch.
  • There is a room below for snacks or small activities for two to three kids to sit or even have some refreshments.
  • There are two ladders, one step ladder and one rock ladder.
  • There is a slide that is 8 feet in length, unlike the 10 feet one in the larger swing sets that is safer and faster.
  • There is a built-in swing that has belts for safety and is for two persons.
  • This is durable and accessible for 6-8 children.

Is there a backyard setup that has a safe side-railed staircase to the clubhouse?

  • Parents do not have to worry about this aspect in outdoor playsets, as they have the option to get the Oceanview wooden swing set, priced at $1,249.
  • The Oceanview swing set has an all mocha cedar wooden finish and has a tight knot structure.
  • There are very minute chances of the structure breaking down, because the finish is complete and highly resistant to temperature changes.
  • They are pre-stained for a smooth finish.
  • The assembly of these outdoor playsets is easy and safe.
  • There is a steel shell bracket to ensure that swinging is safe when the kids roll up the staircase.
  • The assembly needs understanding people, which takes 18 to 24 hours for the structure to be assembled.

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