An Overview Of Mobile App Development

An Overview Of Mobile App Development

An overview of mobile app development
In the world of smartphones and tablets, you will hardly find a person without a one these days. It can be any kind of smartphone, whether filled with some amazing features or just some basic features, a smartphone is a must these days. Mobile applications, commonly known as mobile apps, are an integral part of any smartphone.

Mobile app development is a set of procedures and processes involved in writing a software for small, wireless computing devices like tablets and smartphones. Similar to Web app development, mobile app development has its roots in traditional software development. However, one important difference between the two is that mobile apps are written specifically to make use of the unique features that a particular mobile phone device offers.

Below is some information about the different types of mobile apps, the top app development companies in the country, and more.

What are the different types of mobile apps?
Mobile apps are classified based on the technologies that are used to create them as well as the platforms that they are capable of running on. The different types of mobile apps are:

  • Native apps– The native apps are developed exclusively for a single mobile operating system (OS). Therefore, the apps that are built for systems like Andriod, Blackberry, iOs, Symbian, and Windows and cannot be used on any platform apart from their own. The primary advantage of native apps is high performance and ensuring a good user experience because the developers make use of native device user interface (UI).
  • Hybrid apps– The hybrid apps are built making use of multi-platform Web technologies, such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. These apps are relatively easy to develop as well as fast. A low-cost maintenance and smooth updates are ensured because of the single code base for all platforms.
  • Web apps– The Web apps are software applications that work similar to the native apps. They use a browser to run and are often written in CSS, HTML5, or JavaScript. The Web apps redirect a user to a URL and offer to the “install” option by creating a bookmark to their page. As a rule, Web apps need minimum device memory.

What are the tips for choosing a mobile app development company?
Choosing the best mobile app development company can be a overwhelming task for business owners. With scores of mobile app development agencies, choosing the best one can be difficult. Below are some useful tips for business owners who want to choose a mobile app development company:

  • Understand and know your mobile app requirements.
  • Verify the reputation of the company.
  • Review the customer service.
  • Check for the innovations.
  • Analyze the company’s past experience.
  • Scrutinize for cost-effectiveness.
  • Ensure the company has technically efficient developers.

Which are the top 5 mobile app development companies in the country?
There are quite many mobile app development companies in the country. Some of the top ones include:

  • OpenXcell– One of the most popular and leading mobile app development companies, OpenXcell is known for delivering the best designs and solutions in app development. The company has the best team of developers and designers for mobile apps. Their designs are also engaging and this is one of the important things in mobile apps.
  • Swenson He– Swenson He ensures you get the best designs that have never been executed or developed. All your ideas move from conception to the completion stage when this company is hired by you.
  • Willow Tree Inc.– This is an information technology (IT) company that aims at providing all kinds of IT services to start-ups, small enterprises, and small businesses. All the designers and developers of this company take pride in using the latest strategies of mobile app development, and they always come up with something new and interesting.
  • BrainMobi– This mobile app development company has been in the industry for the past three years, but it has already made its place in the top 5 best mobile app development companies in the country. This is because of the expertise and knowledge of their designers and developers.
  • Dom and Tom– This is another mobile app development company that provides end-to-end services in mobile app development, and it also makes sure that they always give the best to their customers. This is possible because they keep themselves updated and make use of all the latest technologies in the market.

Which are the top app development colleges in the country?
With the growth and development in the field of technology, there is a growing demand for app development courses in the country. Some of the best app development colleges in the country are:

  • The Standford University in Stanford, California.
  • The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusets.
  • The Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • The University of California in Berkeley, California.
  • The New York University in the New York City, New York.
  • Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusets.

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