All About Call Tracking Software

All About Call Tracking Software

All about call tracking software
Cell phones are now an integral part of people’s life. There are numerous calls that are made by cell phones this second. Keeping this number in mind, you can tell how important it is to market in the right way.

What is the importance of call tracking?

  • If you are able to reach a large number of people, your business will soar like never before. This will only be the case if you put effort into effective marketing.
  • The key is to improve campaigns through leads that you get. Call tracking helps you achieve that and much more.

Why is call tracking software useful?
The main reasons why call tracking software is useful are as follows:

  • It is only with the help of call tracking software that you can determine exactly where calls are coming from. You can get information about which channels worked and which ones gave the most leads. You can get the bigger picture of your marketing efforts.
  • Call tracking software helps you analyze calls and work harder on the best leads that you get. This is when you use the call transcribing and recording feature. You can spend money where it matters and where it makes a difference.
  • You can use call tracking to better understand leads on the keyword level. This helps you see which caller got the information from where. Call tracking software gives you comprehensive insight into PPC callers and what they used in terms of keywords to find you.

How do you implement tracking calls?
There are two ways in which call tracking software can be implemented:

  • The first method of implementation is as a separate service that works with the existing system.
  • The second implementation method is as a part of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS). This is useful for enterprises that have complex requirements.

What are the common call tracking services?
The following are some main features of software used for tracking calls:

  • The automatic call forwarding option is present to route the calls to a particular person. This helps the caller reach the right person.
  • The ability to record calls and review them easily is provided by the software. This helps in analyzing the calls.
  • A dashboard is generally available where you can get a complete overview of call details and analysis.
  • You get the ability to track the success of the different campaigns and how successful each one was. This helps you improve the campaigns not working.
  • You can track which keywords fared better than others and how many people called because of the particular keywords used.
  • The ability to monitor calls is usually provided by the software, which helps you listen to active calls that the callers are making.
  • When the customer calls, you can get information about whether they called before and other such important details.

You can use cell phone tracking site or download call tracking software. It is a better option to choose a software as it provides better analytics and is more comprehensive in nature.

What is the best call tracking software for small businesses?
If you own a small business, the best software for tracking a cell phone would be CallRail.

  • It comes at an affordable rate and is easy to use.
  • The setup is pretty simple as well when compared to other call tracking tools.
  • It is a comprehensive software marketing tool and gives you a detailed analysis of your call data.
  • It is fantastic for people who do not possess any technical knowledge.
  • It comes with extensive features, such as voicemail and auto-attendant.
  • This call tracking application can track calls from all types of campaigns, online and offline.

Which software should I use for detailed insights into marketing efforts?
You can use the Call Sumo tracking software, which is great for detailed analytics:

  • It helps you track online and offline campaigns.
  • You can easily determine which marketing strategy is working and where the quality leads are coming from.
  • You can find out new callers and repeat callers, and you can get an overview of the callers. This includes keywords, source, and details about call timings.
  • You get a Call Sumo analyst to listen to your recorded calls if you are busy.
  • As distinct phone numbers are assigned, you will know how the callers found out about you.

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